Evolutionary Relating exists to provide an educational model for the development of relational intelligence and its role in human evolution.


By understanding and growing one’s relational intelligence, through the practice of specific communication skill-sets, we gain the ability to consciously enter the mystery, together.


Increased capacity for intimacy, negotiation, conflict resolution, facilitation, teaching, and supporting others are some of the other potential benefits of training in this kind of intelligence.

Through training in these practices we engage the possibility of evolving into the awakening of a conscious collective field of wisdom.

This is where we are heading.


Core Values

This work rests on four core values:



To increase the available depth in connection to self, other and the kosmos


To develop meaningful complexity in the move towards ever more integrated, powerful and compassionate human beings


To empower both self and others to step into deeper alignment with our unique essence


To understand that with increased alignment to our soul’s calling, comes increased responsibility to assist in leading humanity into an ever more beautiful world


Evolutionary Relating works from a model of developing the conscious application of relational attention.


The energy of intimacy is attention.


The curriculum presented in this work seeks to teach and practice shaping and utilising this attention in specific ways to increase awareness and skill in navigating this cosmic intersubjective field of mystery. 



The work of Evolutionary Relating is presented as a carefully constructed curriculum that builds in depth and complexity.


There are two streams that move through the curriculum, one that is focused on development as a facilitator and/or teacher (to empower your skill in developing your own work) and the other that is focused on group-field exploration for personal and collective transformation.


The starting point for all the work, however, is the course “Fundamentals of Authentic Relating” positioned as an easily accessible 6 week journey through the foundational skill-sets essential for exploring the ongoing development of relational intelligence.


A note on this website

The format and language of this website may appear to be overly masculine and intellectual in its structure.


This is intentional - as it is this careful and precise structure of the teachings that enable the warmth of intimacy to flow through the practice.


All courses are experience heavy, and light on theory, presenting just the right amount to be able to grasp the practices presented. 

Relational intelligence is not developed through cognitive understanding, it is developed through practice. The majority of the theory and philosophy is not essential, however it does help.

Cognitive intelligence is a meta-intelligence, as is relational intelligence, meaning that its development supports the development of other intelligences. 

Apart from course specific information, all the theory and philosophy of this work is offered publicly through videos and essays on this website and expanded through discussion in podcasts.


While some of the descriptions on this website, essays, and discussions might seem very heady and theoretical, I iterate again that it is not necessary to grasp this linguistic theoretical complexity to develop relational intelligence.


 They are independent forms of knowing.

About The Teacher

I'm Damien. I'm the head facilitator of the work of Evolutionary Relating.

I have been facilitating and teaching groups in intersubjective and relational practices for 10 years now. I have a pretty diverse background, curious mind and seem to be a natural teacher and facilitator. I enjoy creating safe and transformational group containers, and imparting complex knowledge in a way that is easy to grasp.


I'm motivated to offer this work out of a love for planet earth and a deep, compelling desire to contribute to human evolution.


If you'd like to learn more about any of our courses, make inquiries or simply reach out please click the button below and email me.