Fundamentals of Authentic Relating

Developing Relational Intelligence

Course Description


Fundamentals of Authentic Relating is a 7 module series exploring, practicing and developing the foundational aspects of the energy of intimacy - attention.


This attentional energy is broken into the categories of: Listening, Expressing and Attuning.


Understanding these three different ways of using our energy, and developing the skill sets within each one, leads to an ever-increasing refinement of one's ability and capacity to create and maintain connection in any context.

Through developing this level of skill with others, we begin setting the stage for deep exploration of the mystery, embodied spontaneous ritual and archetypical invocations, and organismic consciousness. These expanded practices are taught through collective field work known as Circling.


This course is a practice heavy, experiential dive into somewhat simple, yet infinitely deep, aspects of relating. Understanding and practicing the skills contained in this course leads to an expansion in “relational intelligence”, the awareness of and ability to shape and direct attention within human interaction. 


The development of this intelligence creates possibilities of increased experiences of intimacy, ability to provide emotional support for others, clarity in expressing desires and boundaries, enhanced negotiation and conflict resolution capacities, and an expanded capacity to explore the mystery of 'other'. 

Ultimately, through this practice of relating, an ever-increasing refinement of your own unique Essence, as well as the unique Essence of those around you, is enhanced.


In sovereignty, radiance and embodiment. 

Course Objectives


The following skills are taught, practiced and developed throughout the duration of the course:



  • Receptive listening :: embodying the principles of presence, appreciation, non-judgment and spaciousness

  • Reflective listening :: being the mirror for insight

  • Active listening :: curiosity as a vehicle of navigation into the infinite universe of another



  • Vulnerability :: expression connected to the intensity of sovereign truth

  • Desire :: the driving force of who and what we are in the world

  • Boundaries :: how the space between us facilitates genuine connection



  • Noticing :: bringing shared presence to the immediacy of the moment

  • Impact :: co-creating circuits of connection

  • Resonance ::  entering the mystery 


Course Breakdown


Session 1 :: Embodied Relating

We will explore the powerful synergy between the skill of receptive listening and the expression of vulnerability, while setting up a safe group container for the course.


Session 2 :: Reflection

Developing this listening skill leads to a magical ability to really have others feel seen and heard in your presence, while developing deep personal insight. There is an entire world of subtlety available to discover in this skill. 


Session 3 :: Curiosity

Curiosity is a relational navigational capacity that, when articulated with finesse, leads others to reveal their depths, creating the possibility of incredibly meaningful experiences.


Session 4 :: Desire

Desire as the guiding force of our innate expression of unique essence into this reality.


Session 5 :: Boundaries

The function of boundaries in moderating, mediating and modulating the act of relating and the process of relationship in life.


Session 6 :: Noticing, Impact & Resonance

Entering “we” space, the intersubjective field that lies between us as humans. Stepping into this field with others, even for a moment, can feel profoundly nourishing, expansive and transformative.


Session 7 :: Closing Circle

The nature of this course creates an intimate group space between the participants. This last session is an opportunity to consciously and safely step out of this shared field while reflecting on the learnings, insights and experiences that have occurred.


Course Inclusions and Expectations

  • Pre-recorded lecture series for each module of the course

  • Pre-recorded articulation and examples of the practices given in the course

  • 7 x "Relational Dojo" practice sessions 

  • Optional "Office Hours" Q&A discussions on the content

  • Lifetime access to a growing community of like-minded participants eager to grow and learn

  • 15-45 minutes practice ‘homework’ per week within the community

  • Lifetime free access to evolving resources, including practice manual, videos and ongoing refresher classes

  • Recordings of Office Hours Q&A sessions



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