Introduction to Circling

Deepening Relational Intelligence

Course Description


Introduction to Circling is a 12 session journey through an intersubjective practice known as “Circling”.


Circling is a practice concerned with the ‘we space’ or the collective field between us as human beings. In some ways research and exploration into this collective field is a reasonably new phenomena, and in other ways this kind of practice has always been a part of human culture. 


Diving into this collective field can be an incredibly potent, insightful, deeply nourishing and transformative experience. 


This course builds from the initial foundational work in developing, sharpening and refining the energetics of attention and relational intelligence covered in the course Fundamentals of Authentic Relating. The relational skills taught and practiced in this first course are now put to use in the exploration of this potent field between us. We start to turn our awareness of attentional energy towards revealing the mystery through this seemingly elusive and somewhat indescribable practice, and we take the growth of our relational intelligence a step further. 



Course Objectives


This course covers three distinct types of circling, each with a focus to reveal different parts of the mystery.


  • Soul Circling

    • Attention on revealing another :: through the focused presence of a group we provide the spaciousness for a single person’s inner landscape to become the field of exploration

  • Organic Circling

    • Attention on revealing the space between us :: collective attention is channelled into the field that resides within the circle, unearthing that which is the unique configuration and constellation of participants in this present moment

  • Meta Circling 

    • Attention on revealing collective insight :: our attention is turned towards exploring ideas and philosophy that leads to the furthering of individual and group wisdom

Foggy Forest

Course Breakdown



Session 1 :: Introduction to the Course

This session establishes the group container for the journey ahead, and takes the time to review the foundational skills presented in the prerequisite course Fundamentals of Authentic Relating

Session 2 :: Refining skills

Circling relies upon an interplay between the various relational skills, here we invest our efforts towards weaving these skills together into an increasingly fluid mastery of attention.

Session 3 :: Introduction to Soul Circling

We establish a coherent narrative and the principles behind the practice of revealing the inner world of another. First round of Soul Circles will be held.


Session 4 :: Soul Circling

A deeper dive into the practice of Soul Circling. Throughout the course each participant will have the opportunity to be at the centre of a circle, experiencing themselves revealed through the compassionate and attuned presence of a group.


Session 5 :: Soul Circling Wrap-Up

Last round of Soul Circles and a review of the practice, allowing the space for learnings and discoveries to become part of our collective wisdom.


Session 6 :: Introduction to Organic Circling

The principles and context of Organic Circling as a method for revealing the spontaneous expression of the space between us. The possibilities for collective consciousness are set as a potential exploration.


Session 7 :: Organic Circling

We continue to expand and develop the practice through several rounds of Organic Circles, debriefing and troubleshooting as we go.


Session 8 :: Organic Circling Wrap-Up

Last round of Organic Circles and a review for the discoveries to settle into our group field.


Session 9 :: Introduction to Meta-Circling

We lay out the framework for practicing Meta-Circling, inviting topics to be inquired into as we dive into practice.


Session 10 :: Meta-Circling

Our collective wisdom is grounded through further practice, refining and growing as we go.


Session 11 :: Meta-Circling Wrap-Up

The practice is reviewed and critically discussed. We explore the limitations and applications of this form of circling in furthering human knowledge and evolution.


Session 12 :: Course Wrap-Up

Closing circle to harvest the learnings, insights and wisdom discovered throughout the course as we exit the container safely and smoothly.

The course Fundamentals of Authentic Relating is a pre-requisite for Circling

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