Yet another fucking podcast

Episode 1 :: Social Media, AI & Attachment

In this first episode of YAFP, Philippe Lewis and I dive deep into the exploration of Social Media and AI through the lens of Attachment Theory. We explore further the interplay of our natural erotic energy, nervous system regulation and the possibilities of humanity as we become increasingly conscious of the ways we engage with one another.

Find out more of Philippe's breadth of work at Exquisite Dark Love.

Yet another fucking podcast

Episode 2 :: The Dance of Woman and Man

In this conversation, Zak Roedde shares his framework for male-female relating as a foundational aspect of creating healthy, thriving, nourishing and mutually empowered relationships.


You can find more about Zak and his work at:

Relationship of Your Dreams

Interview with Alba Barrett

Attachment Dynamics - Beyond the painful polarity of insecure attachment

Alba interviewed me live as part of her series on exploring attachment dynamics. 

In this early morning (for me) interview I get into a good rant on the polarity of insecure attachment, and how that leads to an almost endless nightmare of triggers and challenges and some of the things we can do in order to begin healing and changing this outcome.

You can learn more about Alba's work here.

Yet another fucking podcast

Episode 3 :: Holding a Higher Standard for Humanity

I loved talking with Andi and the variety of territories we explored in this meaningful conversation.

Andi provides a beautiful and clear transmission of what it's like to hold a higher standard for humanity and upholds this through her work as the founder of The Institute for Aliveness. We explore a whole variety of topics in a somewhat rambling, yet engaging (for sure for me) chat oriented around what it means to enter into the future for the human species.

Yet another fucking podcast

Episode 4 :: The Shaping and Unshaping of Woman

My guest, Emerald Figueroa, takes us through a historical journey about how women in our current social structure have been shaped through the specific lack of control about their own reproductive capacities. Her work at Eosoma aims at the reshaping of woman, empowering women to take a strong place in society through the acknowledgment and ownership of their innate responsibility in sexual selection and reproduction.

Yet another fucking podcast

Episode 5 :: From sexual transmutation to the depths of love

Wow. I was blown away by this discussion with Joe Keich and his incredibly nuanced understanding and presentation of the nature of masculine-feminine polarity... and beyond.


We go deep, fast.


This potent podcast is sure to open some new doors of possibility. You can find out more about Joe's work at:

Mmmm this was so yummy. My guest Olivia Lara Owen and I dive (once again for me) into this topic of woman-man relating exploring many subtleties and nuances along with personal sovereignty and our ability to "know" and trust who we are innately at our core, that we truly do know truth. You can find more about Olivia by finding her on Instagram or Facebook by her full name.

Episode 6 :: A woman's hunger... and more

Yet another fucking podcast